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Mercedes-Benz: Best Models with Features List

German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz has long been known for its offering of luxury cars around the world. Now operating as a division of Daimler AG, the company has gained much popularity among the luxury car enthusiasts and buyers due to their wide range of models each providing different levels of features and comfort.

As their motto or slogan goes, “the best or nothing”, the company has lived up to its promised standards with the continuous innovations and introduction of new features over time. While the prices were very high in the earlier years, some of their model ranges have become affordable for aspiring people.

While their usual set of models fall within the A-Class, CLA, C-Class, E-Class and many more which are very popular, the German manufacturer also offers various models in the SUV category as well. They have also been known to manufacture some sports car models too.

The S-Class luxury sedan and the G-Class luxury SUV are some of the models which have been upgraded with new features for the year 2019. While each of them falls into their own separate categories of being a sedan and the other, an SUV, the primary aim has been on the comfort and feature-rich offering for making sure that the users can always be satisfied and happy with them.

As regards the Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 450 Sedan, the new features include a superior navigation system coupled with lane departure features and a blind spot sensor. The emergency communication system accounts for passenger and driver safety. Apart from the superior leather upholstery on the comfort front, entertainment options include a premium audio system for the ultimate pleasure.

In the 2019 innovations list of the G-Class luxury SUV, some of the salient ones include dual 12.3-inch displays coupled with voice control features for the navigation and audio and so on.

The Touch Controls on the steering wheel add to the high-tech look and accessibility for the user as well.

Combined with the sleek and premium design, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 450 sedan provides the sheer pleasure of enjoying the luxury and comfort within the metal body that boasts of high-level safety features too. The Traffic Sign Assist feature also helps to reduce the stress of driving and make it easier and enjoyable.

The Vehicle Monitoring system allows you to keep an eye on the vehicle status right from your phone and keep you assured about its whereabouts and safety. It also comes with remote lock and unlock facilities. The car’s WiFi can also let up to eight devices connect to it for better connectivity. The heat-rejecting glass of the roof also ensures that the car always stays as cool and comfortable as possible.

While these two vehicles of beauty are few of the many awesome cars that Mercedes-Benz has in its product range, they are definitely very popular with the buyers and users alike.

Some car rentals also provide these models for rent. This provides a chance for car lovers and enthusiasts to enjoy these features at affordable rates.

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